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Great for layering under a sweater or wearing on its own, this topis a versatile addition to any wardrobe.Getthe feel offur with this animal print jacket made in a faux fabric that looks just like the real thing. Availablein a classic, always elegant, earthy brown shade for understated style. Agood all-season garment, you c wearitonits own indoors or layer it for outdoors.
Blusa Moda Colombiana Kapriccio  Ref. 233 -1556-9 SM - awesome jeans colombia
awesome jeans colombia

Blusa Moda Colombiana Kapriccio Ref. 233 -1556-9 CAFE

Blusa Moda Colombiana Kapriccio

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  • Great for layering under a sweater or wearing on Its Own, esta topis a versatile Addition to any wardrobe. Whatever the weather season you'll be prepared Brings With This stylish choice, 
    • wash by hand
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not twist
    • Dry out  of sun
  1. Complete your wardrobe with a pair of jeans That feel-good go with everything and wear like iron.comes in classic, always fashionable denim, a durable fabric for everyday wear. Available in a gorgeous, radiant white for a look That sparkles. This regular fit is designed to be loose throughout the leg to Provide more range of movement.
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